ARP / Intake and Header Bolts

ARP manufactures a wide range of premium bolt and stud kits designed specifically for the seamless installation of exhaust headers, including the highly sought-after stainless stud kit featuring 12-point nuts. Crafted from ARP Stainless material, known for its resistance against corrosion and extreme heat, these kits prove ideal for such applications. The compact design of the 12-point nut allows for easy maneuvering of a socket close to the pipe during installation. Moreover, the studs are engineered with a distinctive nut-starter nose, effectively reducing the risk of cross-threading. Available in either black oxide chrome moly or polished ARP Stainless variants, both studs and bolts boast a nominal tensile strength of 180,000 psi, significantly surpassing Grade 8 hardware. For added security, specially drilled “NASCAR” models are on offer for individuals preferring to safety wire their header bolts to prevent loosening.

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